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Tested and Approved: DIY Helmet Cam

Posted by RL Policar On February - 17 - 20072 COMMENTS

This morning I met up with Vince Rodarte, Sales Manager of KHS Bicycles at the Fullerton Loop to do a quick ride.

I mounted my camera onto my DIY Helmet Cam that I made. It actually worked pretty well. Man, Vince can ride…The dude was running a single speed KHS bike with 32/18 gears. You would think a single speeder would be slower on the flats, but not Vince. The man is pretty darn fast!


How To: Fix Uneven V Brakes

Posted by RL Policar On February - 17 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

If your V Brakes are rubbing on one side of your wheels, there’s an easy way to fix that problem.

First you can turn the adjusting screw clock-wise to change the pitch of the brake arm.

Now here’s a fast, bike shop trick you can also try. Pop of the tension spring in the back.

Bend it slightly…and place it back in it’s position.

See, now you’re all done! Now go out for a ride!


Dang this stuff is GOOD!

Posted by RL Policar On February - 16 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

Today our friends at dropped of some of supplements that the contestants of the “ No More Junk in My Trunk Weightloss Contest.”

Didi Yeh of let each contestant choose 3 different things from their site. So I chose my favorite, Sure2Endure, WinOmega3 Complex and Flexibility. Then she threw in some samples of a protein powder called PROXTREME.


Ok here’s the thing, I’ve tried my share of protein powders back in the day when I was a…(insert sarcasm and fibbing here) pro-bodybuilder. Sure there are a few that were ok to drink. But more than half of them were so nasty that I would gag when I drank it.

But here’s where the PROXTREME is different. It actually tastes good!

You know as grown ups we tend to put up with something that doesn’t taste so good because we know that it’s healthy for us. Well. with the PROXTREME, not only did I think it was tasty, but my 9 year old daughter liked it too! Now you know that stuff is good if a little kids likes it and asks for more!

I say check out on the right hand column underneath “Sponsors.” Their stuff is amazing. Tell ya what. I’m willing to share my Sure2Endure with people and if you are curious to see how this stuff works. Shoot me an email with your address and I’ll send you a few packets of it. Then you come back and tell me how it changed your ride.


New Partner: Spinner USA

Posted by RL Policar On February - 16 - 2007ADD COMMENTS
Spinner USA

The folks at Spinner USA sent me this beefy freeride fork called the Cargo to review.

Here’s the specs:

Our New Cargo is a lightweight long travel fork designed for the rider who climbs and descends with equal aggression. The Cargo uses our most advanced Spul Valve Damping System that allows the rider to turn the platform valve on or off and then fine tune the threshold for perfectly balanced on-trail performance. Together with up to 6 inches of adjustable travel, super stiff 34mm aluminum stanchion tubes and a one piece optimized magnesium lower casting, the Cargo is Multi Tool of suspension forks.

* 34mm Aluminum Stanchions
* One-piece magnesium lower
* Spul Valve Damping System
* Platform Switch with Threshold Fine Tuning
* 110-150mm Air Travel Adjust
* Adjustable Rebound
* RETAIL $599.99

Not quite sure which bike benefits from this fork. Either the Fezzari Alta Peak or the Woodstock 707.

Stick around for the review.


Review: Optic Nerve Savant

Posted by Jeremy Yang On February - 15 - 20076 COMMENTS

I’ve been riding with the Optic Nerve Savant Fade Carbon glasses for about a month. MSRP: $59.00. You can find it on their website under the link “Collection 2007″ and then from the menu on the left select “Interchangeableâ€?. Savant is on the first row, middle.

When I’m reviewing sunglasses with interchangeable lens, I’m looking for three things in this order of importance:

1. Performance: do the lens perform the way they are supposed to perform?
2. Looks: do I have to explain this one? They have to LOOK good on me
3. Ease of use: no, not how easy are they to put on. Are the lens easy to change out? Yes, I admit it. I value the look of the glasses over the ease of use. My theory is if they don’t look good, who cares if they’re easy to use I’m not wearing them.

Here is how the Optic Nerve Savant performed under this criteria:


I used every lens that Optic Nerve sent with the Savant in different lighting conditions and they all performed great.

For night riding, my main concern is if the lens reflects a glare off my handlebar mounted LED. Some interchangeable lens glasses do reflect this annoying glare and some do not. The Savant’s clear lens did not reflect the annoying glare. Therefore, in my book, the Savant’s clear lens performed fine at night.

Clear Lens
Brian & Jeremy using Clear lens after night ride

I got a chance to use the copper lens when I went on an impromptu family vacation to the local Southern California mountains. We decided to go inner tubing on the slopes from about 10am to past noon. Although I was not biking I was playing in snow for 2+ hours and during that time my eyes felt great. They did not feel fatigued from the constant reflection of light off the snow. The copper lens felt like I was wearing the smoke dark lens but still getting a contrast to see things in snow/highly reflective conditions. I would seriously considered using this lens for some of the snowboarding and skiing I do as well.

Copper Lens
Jeremy & son inner tubing in the snow using Copper lens

Over the past 4 weeks, many of my rides were in the early morning starting just before dawn and lasting for an hour or so. During these times I used the high definition orange lens extensively and they are unequivically the best orange lens I have ever used. The orange lens ability to separate colors during the early morning when colors are flat is amazing. These lens allowed me to see trail nuances that I probably would have missed. The orange lens lives up to its “high definition” name.

High Definition Orange Lens
Self picture, on bike using High Definition Orange lens at dawn

The smoke dark lens excelled during my bright lighting riding. I probably used this lens the most because I used them beyond riding. I used them extensively while driving and attending daytime events and they were great the whole time.

Dark Smoke Lens
Daytime ride using Dark Smoke lens

Lastly under performance, is if the glasses fog up and how often. I have found that all sunglasses fog up; no matter what I’ve tried (Ray Ban’s, generic, Oakley’s, Performance). For me the most important factor is WHEN they fog up. I don’t mind if they fog up when it’s cold and I stop to take a breather, actually I expect them to. If they don’t there is something physiologically wrong with me like I’m not sweating. It’s when they fog up when they shouldn’t that annoys me.

The Savants, like all other sunglasses, fogged up. But the Savant only did so during the times I expected them to. That’s cool with me and because all sunglasses fog up, it does not go down as a con.

In my opinion, the sunglasses look cool all by themselves on the table, but they also looked fine on me (this is VERY subjective). I did however like them enough to wear them when I wasn’t biking. I guess that has to say something, right?

Los Angeles' Asian American Expo
Jeremy & god-daughter at Los Angeles’ Asian American Expo using smoke dark lens

Ease of use:
The lens popped into and out of the glasses very easily. The zip case was effective in keeping the glasses safe from harms way (especially since the case is stiff all the way around) and I liked the cool blue cloth provided by Optic Nerve.

Optic Nerve Case
Optic Nerve Case

If I had one negative about the product it is that I wish Optic Nerve would provide directions with how to take out/put in the lens. I checked their site, but no directions were available. I also emailed Optic Nerve and requested directions but they were having problems with their server & didn’t get my email until a couple of days later. They contacted me via phone and asked for my address to send me the directions but that’s ok as I’ve figured out how to change the lenses.

- lens performed great, especially high definition orange
- easy to change out lens
- nice blue cloth to clean lens
- sturdy zip close case

- should have directions to change lens with product or on website

Optic Nerve Savant w/Smoke Dark Lens
Optic Nerve Savant Sunglasses with Smoke Dark Lens

Check out these sweet glasses at here: Optic Nerve Savant Fade Carbon. I highly recommend them.

Fezzari 2007 Mountain Bikes

Posted by RL Policar On February - 15 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

Alta Peak as you all know, we reviewed this bad boy!
Fezzari Alta Peak

Abajo Peak
Fezzari Abajo Peak

Wiki Peak. This is the same bike that I did a 5 foot drop with.

Kings Peak
Fezzari Kings Peak

Lone Peak
Fezzari Lone Peak


Ibex X-Ray CycloCross

Posted by RL Policar On February - 15 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

A while ago Ibex Bikes sent Moe a sweet X-Ray Frame for a build up project. As you may have noticed, its a single speed cyclo-cross. It’s running on a 32×15 gear ratio.

Check out the anodized cantilever brakes and chain ring.

Can’t miss this…carbon fork.

Don’t quote me on this but the specs are as follows:
Shimano cranks
Ritchey road bars
Shimano Dia-Compe levers
WTB Rocket V Saddle
Ritchey seat post
Tecktro Canti brakes
FSA Integrated Headset
Ritchey SpeedMax Cross tires
Ricthey Pro wheels
Evo Carbon Fiber fork
TruVativ XR stem
Carbon Fiber headset spacers

We’re going to start testing and reviewing the Ibex X-Ray since it is a bike that goes on the dirt! Just think of it as a 29er with road bars!

Stick around for the review.


Make Your Own Workstand

Posted by RL Policar On February - 15 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

If you don’t have a workstand to do repairs on your bike with. Then use the next best thing. Use your trunk mount rack!

All you have to do is get 2 bicycle hooks mount it to the wall and hang your rack on it.

See how easy it holds up the Woodstock 707!
woodstock 707


4 Wheeled KMX Kart

Posted by RL Policar On February - 14 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

Check this out. I found this pic from a KMX Karts group in Yahoo.

Quad KMX Kart


Battle of the bulge

Posted by Lady P On February - 14 - 200710 COMMENTS

So here we go ladies and gents. The Weight Loss Contest began on Feb 5 and will wrap up April 2nd. Stay tuned for updates!

I would like to introduce our “No More Junk in My Trunk” contestants for 2007!!!


Height 6’0″
Weight 218
Body Fat %: 26.5%


Height: 5’9″
Body Fat %: 24.1
Weight: 195

With no shame…baring all of his goods…

Height: 5’7″
Body Fat % : 24%
Weight: 193

Fat Moe
click on picture to view full size

Height: 5’7″
Body Fat % :26.2
Weight: 174.6
Hey! Where’s your “fat” picture?!?! We want a “fat” pic!


Height: 5’5
Body Fat % : 29.1 % Dang it. I want a do-over.
Weight: None of your business

Wish us luck!!!!!! Or maybe just the guys, cuz they’re going to need it! HA!


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