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El Moro Map
Jeremy & El Moro Map

This past Saturday my buddy Ivan & I went to ride some trails in El Moro. Due to time constraints and our being unfamiliar with El Moro, we spent some time discussing exactly which ride to do and ended up choosing El Moro Redtail Ridge – Rattlesnake. We used geoladders.com which is one SWEET website if you are looking for trails in the Southern California area.

This ride conditions were great. The sun was shining and when we started our ride, the temperature was probably in the upper 50’s to low 60’s. By the time we finished a long/nasty climb that ended at the 3 mile mark, the temperatures were in the mid to upper 60’s. We were rewarded when we finished that climb with an unbelievable view of the Pacific Ocean.

Jeremy, El Moro, Pacific Ocean
Jeremy at El Moro with Pacific Ocean in background

El Moro’s views were truly amazing. Thank God for the rain from two days prior; it cleared up most of the smog that usually lingers over So Cal. At one spot we could look north and see the white snow caps of our local San Bernardino mountains peaking behind the hills of El Moro. And if we looked west, we could see the vast blue Pacific ocean stretching to the horizon.

Of course, what’s the fun in riding a new trail without getting a little lost? Below Ivan & I arrived at an option, climb the ugly hill with deep ruts or take the singletrack (not pictured). We weren’t sure where either of them led, so we decided to stick with the fireroad and climbed that hill.

Ivan consulting map
Ivan Consults Map

Thankfully we were again rewarded for climbing that hill when we came across the best singletrack I’ve ever ridden, which isn’t saying a lot. haha. After riding this singletrack I finally understood why one of the guys we met was looking all over So Cal. for epic singletrack. I’m now on the lookout for it too! Sorry, no pictures of the singletrack, it was truly too good to stop for.

On the way back down to the parking lot, we ran into a short, monster hill. I’m not sure what the steepness grade was, but it was definitely more than what I could handle.

Ivan Walking uphill
Ivan Demonstrating Hike-a-Bike

But what goes up, most come down and the last 2.5 miles was a fun rolling descent to the parking lot.

Geoladders Elevation Map
Geoladders.com Elevation Map for El Moro Redtail Ridge

El Moro gets high praise from me. By the way, does anyone know where epic singletrack exists in So. Cal?

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