The Ultimate ALL-Mountain Bike Build Up

One of my favorite things to do is build up bikes from the frame up. So after we did the Ibex B-Series Build up, Moe and I got to thinking…”We need to build the best bike there is!” So we came up with the name, “The Ultimate ALL-Mountain Bike Build Up.”

We figured we’d get some criticisms from tons of naysayers thinking that we should have went this this brand or that component. But we wanted to build a bike that was essentially the last bike you’ll have. We say the last bike due to the fact that this bike will do just about anything you throw at it.

The purpose of building the “Ultimate” All Mountain bike was to have a rig that can not only climb like a goat, but also to be able to descend like a banshee down a rock bed.

So we started talking to the folks at KHS Bicycles about this project and they loved the idea. They supplied us with a 2007 AM2000 frame.

Here’s the specs of the frame:

AL7005 w/4-bar Horst bearing linkage, new design,

6″ Travel w/Rear Shock: RockShox MC3.3 air shock
w/Motion Control, Floodgate w/3 position switch

Here’s the GEOMETRY if that tickles your fancy.

With all that said, we’ll be partnering up with some of the best names in the business to build this rig.

So far Hayes Brakes are sending us some nice hydraulic El Camino brakes with a 7″ rotor in the front and 6″ rotor in the back.

We’re also enlisting the help of Spinner USA by having us use their Cargo fork with 6 inches of travel.

As we get more components for this rig, we’ll keep you all posted on the progress and eventually the test ride.

Vince Calvillo Operations Manager of KHS Bicycles, hands RL Policar the new AM2000 frame.
KHS AM2000 frame

khs am2000

khs am2000

khs am2000

khs am2000

khs am2000

RL Policar

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