Tifosi Dolomite


Our friend Shannon of Tifosi Optics sent me a pair of the Dolomite to review.

Here’s the specs:

Lens Features

* Enhanced Visual System [EVS] Polycarbonate Decentered Lens for Optical Clarity
* Glare Guardâ„¢ Glare Reducer to Decrease Eye Fatigue
* 100% UVA & UVB Protection
* Ventilated Lens for Increased Airflow & Anti-fog
* Three Lenses Included for Various Light Conditions

Weight: 26 grams
Fit: Medium to Large Faces

Here’s a picture of me wearing them at the Urban Commuter Expo. Photo Courtesy of Russ Roca.
See how dark they get. The lenses change from light to a darker tint. These glasses work so well that after I walk indoors, from being outdoors, I forget that they’re even on my face.

Honestly, when I first got them I thought that they were too light (tint shade). But once I got them out doors, they got pretty dark, about 8 seconds or so. Now I wear them everyday, driving, to riding. They look cool enough to wear as sport glasses and fancy enough to wear with your office attire.

For more info on the Dolomite, click HERE.

RL Policar

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