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Our new Trophy SS comes to life with all the right stuff for those who want an aluminum frame single-speed MTB with suspension fork and disc brakes.

The IBEX Trophy SS is built to take a beating, yet its’ state-of-the-art frame provides tremendous rigidity while maintaining a light, responsive feel. Trophy frames are built to be rigid without sacrificing comfort or great handling. Racebred geometry is ideal for fast cross-country and precision trail riding. Elegantly tapered chain-stays add just enough suppleness to cushion the rear wheel while keeping acceleration power on the ground where it belongs. The large-bore down-tube, with bi-oval shaping for exptended weld footings, gives the Trophy frame a slim look and provides a rock-solid foundation that keeps everything in place even in the roughest conditions. Larger riders need not worry about flex while lighter riders will appreciate the light weight, rigid feel and “tossability” of the tightly spec’d geometry. All-in-all, the Trophy frame represents our finest effort in hardtail MTB technology.

The Manitou Sliver Super fork makes light work of the roughest trails with air, rebound & lockout features that allow you to fine-tune the ride or lock it for most effecitnt climbing… an important issue on a single-speed. Add the stopping power of Avid’s legendary BB-7 discs along with superb appointments all around and you have one fine SS rig!

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