Debunking the Myth on Internet Brand Bicycles

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As you may have gathered, we’ve tested some bikes that are Internet Brands(IB), like Woodstock, Ibex and Fezzari. Some people are afraid to even consider buying these bikes because they can’t touch it see it or ride it. Other’s think that these bikes are cheaper quality than the ones that are sold at a local bike shop. Well all the myths about Internet Brand bikes are not true, here’s why:

1.Bikes from the internet can’t be serviced by a bike shop.
-Wrong! These bikes use the same parts as some of the bikes at the shop. You’ll often see parts like SRAM, Shimano and TruVativ on any of the Woodstock Bikes and Ibex Bikes.

2.The frames used for IB bikes are cheaply made.
-Wrong! Most of the IB bikes are manufactured by the same factories that Giant and KHS Bicycles uses. In fact, KHS Bicycles has their own factory where they manufacture bikes for other brands.

3.Once you buy a bike, you’ll never hear from them again…
-Wrong! Jack of Ibex Bikes always answered the phones. He’s more than happy to help you out. Jimmy of Woodstock Bikes too answers the phone when ever it rings. He also has a Tech in the Los Angeles area that will help you out in case you any mechanical questions about their bikes.

4. IB bikes won’t last as long as LBS bikes.

-Wrong! We’ve had a few bikes that are going on 3 years old from Ibex that has been able to put up all the abuse we dish out on them.

5.IB bikes don’t carry a warranty.
-Wrong! Woodstock Bikes and Ibex Bikes offer a life time warranty on the frame to the original owner. Not only do they have this great warranty program, but they both have 30 day money back guarantee.

6.Shipping will cost an arm and a leg!

-Wrong! On average, you’ll pay around $35-45 to ship in 48 states.

With all that said, there’s really no other reason why you should consider an IB bicycle company. Sure some LBS’s will offer a 1 year free tune up service, but to honest with you, that only covers derailleur and brake adjustments. Those types of adjustments can be easily learned from the IB bicycle sites.

In my opinion, you could easily save a few hundred dollars on an IB bike than going to your LBS. You’ll ultimately get a great bike that is comparable to what your buddies are riding on the trail, but with a better price.

RL Policar

RL Policar is an avid mountain biker and the Editor In-Chief of and Between the two sites, he's published well over 4,000 articles (and growing).

2 thoughts on “Debunking the Myth on Internet Brand Bicycles

  1. Internet Bicycle companies can often beat the value of the LBS bikes by close to a thousand dollars. With Fezzari for example you get a 23 point custom fit on the bike when ordering directly, and customer service is awsome, and their AM bikes cost about a thousand dollars less than similarly equipped bikes from companies like Jamis, Haro, etc. They also offer 30 day satisfaction guarantees on all bikes sold, and lifetime warranties on all frames to the original purchaser. I have had very good experiences with both Fezzari and Ibex, both of which are IB’s, and will continue to seek the value offered by these great companies who are just following a new business model in order to keep costs low and pass on the savings.

  2. Lance when you want to start advertising on for the IB’s you represent, please let me know. You comment sounds like a great big ad…

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