Southridge Challenge Race Report for RL Policar

Rather than boring you with too many details of our weekend, here’s the nitty gritty from my point of view.

Camped at Fontana on Saturday night. Got way too cold, won’t do that again.

Got about 4 practice runs, on run 2 flatted at the beginning. Walked 35 mins back to base camp.

Race day, got suited up, brought snacks to the mountain. Lined up with my category, rode really well all through out except one corner. Hit a boulder, went over the bars. I was ok, and so was the bike. Wasted 5 seconds getting back on. Rode as fast as I could all the way through.

Rode the Sette Venom…AWESOME BIKE!

Tony and David Cheering me on. It feels good to hear your team rooting for you.

Took 4th that day. Not bad, but not good also.

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