Another Sette Venom Build

One of our readers, “WiLdMaN” sent in some photos of his own Sette Venom. He basically parted out his DH bike and built up the Venom. Check out the dual crown fork! Not quite sure what the build specs are, but I’m hoping he would chime in and leave a comment with it.

sette venom

sette venom

sette venom

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  1. Thank you RL. The following list of parts were swapped directly from a Azonic Eliminator DH bike that I built in 2004. All parts listed are basically new, so I had no problem using them on a more versitle build. The Sette Venom shares the same specs as far as parts fitment goes, but offers more All Mountain geometry. I sent it to the LBS for a BB chase and face as per Race Face X-type instructions, as it did have excess powder coat in the BB shell.

    As pictured:
    *2004 Boxxer Team
    *2004 Sun MODO’s Rinlge Abbah hubs, 20mm front/135×10 QR rear
    *FSA Pig DH headset
    *WTB Weirwolf tires, 2.5/2.35
    *Azonic DH bars & World Force 50mm stem
    *Hayes Purple front, and black rear 8″
    *Intense lock on grips
    *Shimano XT rear, LX front with Deore shifters
    *Titec Berzerkr DH seat

    (*2009 Race Face Evolve DH X-type crankset 2 ring w/ bash
    *GT Heman pedals) being installed

    I hope to ride it very soon!

  2. I took a few rides into the woods and I am very happy with this frame. I decided to lighten things up a bit as I am doing more AM than anything else right now. I pretty much rebuilt the bike with new Transition wheelset, Deighty low rise OS bars, Transition Temple Lite stem, 2.4 WTB MX front with standard tube and Deighty FR seat. I am going to pick up a slightly used ’08 Fox 36 Van RC2 to replace the ’04 BoXXer Team. Now my DH bike is going back together and will get used more than looked at. I will try to get some video as soon as I find the time. Hoping next Wednesday.

  3. Hey, I am getting a new Venom frame and was wondering what housing/cable lengths you used for the brakes and transmission. It would help a ton! I need to build this bike up fast to meet a race deadline. Thanks!

  4. Congrats on your purchase. I wouldn’t know the length of the cable/housing. All I know is I bought a Jagwire Ripcord set, and used the whole thing just for the rear derailluer. I didn’t run a front der, so need for cables. As far as the brakes, not sure either. I just mounted my brakes.

    Good luck, send us pics once you’re done.

  5. Hey, one more question: I got most of the bike built, but am switching out bars/stem…I’m using this bike for FR/DH racing. I’m pretty stoked. Did my first race ever last Sat and placed 2nd in Cat3, with a time within 10 seconds of the Cat2 racers…there were no Cat1 in my age category. Anyways, I love this bike, but need to change the build slightly. What length of stem/bars would you recommend? Thanks! I’ll post pics soon!

  6. Congrats! where did you race at?

    As far as the bars, start off with 780 or 800mm bars, then cut it down to your specific needs. I currently run about 760mm(29inches). I like the wider bar, gives me better control of the bike and leverage when I need to sprint.

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