Do you energize before your ride?

If I’m riding super early in the morning, I’ll grab a Monster Java and drink about half of before the ride. It helps to wake me up. But if its cool outside, I’d rather make some espresso and drink that.

However, in the afternoon or before a night ride, I’ll get myself a Monster LO-Carb just to help give me the edge I need to ride.

One problem with drinking these kinds of beverages is that caffeine is a diuretic and will cause me to pee like horse or take a big dump.

So what’s your take on energy drinks? Do you drink before a ride?

8 Replies to “Do you energize before your ride?”

  1. I pee and take dump first thing. I sometimes drink a Monster or Redbull If I miss my coffee time cuz I late or not at all.

  2. Only time I ever touch energy drinks are at 24 hr programming competition. I much rather just eat a banana + protein bar bar and a cold shower.

  3. Since I am a vegan and on a radically strict diet that does not allow sugar I stick to water and if I am feeling saucy I mix green tea in with the water for early early morning rides. I make the tea the night before, put it in my bottle and then stick it in the fridge overnight. Good stuff.

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