Bikes and Beer…does that put a bad name to mountain bikers

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As you all know we do have a Brews Day category where our very own Lance Lowry goes into great detail to talk about the beer of the week. I love his articles because it’s always interesting and makes me want to try something new.

For as long as I could remember, mountain biking and beer have gone hand in hand. Heck my favorite beer is Fat Tire Ale…inspired by a bike riding beer brewing fella. Anyhow, I can’t help but wonder if people have this mental image of beer drinking mountain bikers. Some may assume that these beer drinkin’ athletes are big gutted, slow and unshaven.

But then again there’s people like Lance who leads the Brews Day articles…the dude has less than 10% body fat on him…and he’s fast, plus he doesn’t even have any facial hair. So maybe the generalization that people may associate with beer and mountain bikers are subject to the ones they’ve come across that like both.

RL Policar

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