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Priscilla and I headed out for our weekly ride at the Loop. Man ever since she started riding the Motobecane Fly Pro she’s way faster. She was already fast, but on that machine, being 23lbs…she’s like a rocket on wheels!

This was my view most of the ride, she’s got incredible speed and that’s why she’s in front of me the majority of the time. Well, its not such a bad place to be if you ask me.

Though she’s a fast girl on two wheels, she does have an arch nemesis….this railroad tie that lays on the ground to prevent corrosion on the trail. For as long as I can remember, this little thing has always gotten her. It’s as if this thing reaches out and grabs her rear wheel or pedal every time she crosses it. But no thanks to El Crapo camera, I couldn’t get the picture to come out.

Our ride was cut short due to the lack of lights, my bad. So to make up for the shorter distance, we had to really hustle to make sure we had some light when riding back to the car. Well, as fast as I could go on a 33lb bike…that plan didn’t quite happen. We managed to get back to the car safely, but I had to use my camera’s flash to help see certain parts of the trail…ya I know…ghetto.

It’s been really encouraging seeing Priscilla progress as a rider. Well except for that log thing she tries to cross…But seriously, when she first started riding with me, I was the one that had to wait for her and take it slow. Now, it’s the other way around. I’m having to ask her to slow down. I’ve even said “Go ahead, just wait up for me at the top.” Sure it can be humbling at times, but its really cool to see her carve out some single track.

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