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The leaves are falling now and the wind chill has risen. It’s that time of year when the sun sets a lot earlier, and it won’t be long before we’re heading home in the dark around 5pm here in California. And we all know what that means! Night riding!

If you aren not accustomed to riding your bike in the have got to try it! There is something different about those night rides. Always seems a little more adventurous to ride when the moon and stars are out.

Last night a certain somebody forgot the lights and we had no choice but to finish the ride in the dark. But even so, with the few lights that we typically bring with us, the riding has been a little darker than I like. This is what my lights at night seem to do for me, actually I think this is brighter than what I get:

A little tough to ride at the speed you’d like to ride with if you can’t see! Here’s a video of how I would like to be able to see at night:

Huge difference! So with that I’d like to ask for some suggestions and recommendations. The problem is: Who wants to pay an arm and a leg for lights??!?! Not me. But my lights just ain’t cutting it. I am thinking about heading to home depot to see what I can throw together. haha!

And for those of us that get stuck in the dark, a few suggestions that have helped me these last few rides:

1. I sandwich myself between riders who have excellent lights. I am lit up from all angles!!
2. Beg…ask friends to bring their extra lights to borrow ..becuase sharing is caring. 🙂
3. Roll through it all. I have found myself in sticky situations out there in the dark and this one never fails me. I have had no clue what I am riding over or through until I am there but low and behold the bike keeps going. Ha!
4. A little prayer never hurts! God please don’t let me crash!

And lastly we have used the flash from our camera to get us through some dark spots. Hehehehe. Of course we must try to be safe in all situations, but sometimes stuff happens and your batteries run out or a light may break. Just got to improvise! Feel free to leave your suggestions. 🙂

Big McLargehuge

While these other pansies are riding mountain bikes with their matching spandex and color called KITS...I'm bangin' their wives at home and she just served me breakfast in bed and I washed it down with a cold beer. Enjoy your ride suckas, cuz I know I did!

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