RL’s Pet Project: Full Suspension Single Speed Bike Part 1

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Today I was able to set up the Full Suspension Single Speed Woodstock 707 with a SS chain ring, spacers, and a 17t cog in the rear. As far as the chain tensioner, I’m still waiting on the Yess FS/SS gadget, but since I wanted to start riding, I purchased an inexpensive chain tensioner to see if it would work. So far so good.

I headed down to the Jax Bicycle Center in Fullerton. Matt K gave me a hand in installing the tensioner and setting up the chain length.
full suspension single speed

17t rear cog and tensioner.
full suspension single speed

Side profile shows chain tension.

One of the concerns I had with this set up was having enough tension around the cog. But the tensioner we had installed seemed to be working just fine.

So to find out if the chain/cog/chain ring would skip, I had one of the guys, Scott, do some bunny hops around the store to see if he could get the chain to jump or completely fall off. If you watch this video, you’ll see that it doesn’t budge.

Now the real test would be how well the bike does out on the trails…stay tuned.

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