Brownie Points

You know guys, Valentines Day is just around the corner. Some guys wait until the last minute to run out and buy those chocolates or flowers for their special lady. Why wait until the last minute? I’ve always told my husband the romance starts early in the day with the way you talk to me or treat me. I am a simple girl. It’s simple gestures of love that move me. Chocolates are good, but hold the door open for me or throw away my trash for me, and I am putty in his hands. 😉 So what does this have to do with mountain biking? Hang on! I am getting there. 🙂

Well, it’s January and it’s time for me to burn off the “Winter Coat”. The crew here at have big racing dreams for ’08 so we’re all working hard to get in shape. I like to cross train to prep myself. And I really love to run. It builds up my lungs and my legs for mountain biking. But the problem is I love to run at night. And as a female that isn’t so wise to do in the dark by my lonesome self.

Tonight I NEEDED to get in a good run. RL wasn’t feeling his best after the car accident. His back has been hurting him so he was in no condition to run with me but he did offer to escort me on his bike. Awwww. What a nice guy.

You see, RL really had nothing to gain from this short ride. He really wasn’t going to get in a good workout by riding alonside my slow-paced 3 mile run. I don’t even think he broke a sweat! But he wanted to make sure I was safe out there. That means the world to me.

Bbbbrrr. It’s 48 degrees out here. That’s cold for California!!

Well, I was encouraged tonight, and just wanted to share. Have you seen that commercial where the woman is training on her road bike and her husband and kids are driving alongside her just to support her? I love that commercial. Well, that’s how I felt tonight. I had my biggest fan cheering me on while I trained.

So what does your wife or better half like to do? Run? Dance? Bike? Play an Instrument? Well get out there and show her some love! It’s a great way to score some brownie points! She may even be so encouraged that she encourages YOU to go get in another mountain bike ride! 😀

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