Tuesday Brews Day: Stone, 11th Anniversary

Today we head back to one of the finest breweries this side of the Mississipi. Why does that make me think of Yosemite Sam? Recently Stone has gone nation-wide with their product so lots of other states can enjoy their delicious and potent beers. Here’s their country-wide distribution list.  I highly recommend any and all of their brews. Every one is top notch as this brewery is all about massive flavor.

Keepin the fridge happy

Although we are in 2008 now, you can still find their 11th Anniversary brew in stores. This was definitely my favorite beer of 2007. Don’t be fooled by it’s dark exterior. This is a rare brew that’s actually a black double IPA. Drinking this you’ll initially taste massive hops and a strong bitter kick, but the rest of the taste is what seperates it from a regular double IPA. There are roasted malt flavors and then the finish of the drink you get a bittersweet tangy bite that will seem strangly familiary. I pondered over it for a while and it finally dawned on me…that’s grapefruit!

Tastin’ 11th at Stone Brewery

The 11th Anniversary is 8.7% and is absolutely unique. It’s inventive brews like this that make Stone a force in the beer world. Don’t be shy with this one. It sounds like a strange concoction but it will surprise and satisfy you. Plus the grapefruit finish makes it amazingly refreshing considering it’s black body. They even sell some pretty damn cool cycling jerseys to boot. The new ones our made by Canari so you know they’re quality.

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