Another way to save some cashola

In the times we’re living in, the economy is taking a toll on many mountain bikers. Some are unemployed, while others make squat and so that forces us to save as much money as we can in other parts of our life. Whether its by riding your bike to work, buying generic or having to get a single cheese burger instead of a double, we’re all doing something to save some extra cash.

Well here’s something that we ended up doing that will save us money in the long run. We got a reverse osmosis water filtration system. These things cost about $200 from Costco or any other retailer. At first the price tag made me balk, but then I did the math and found that in a few months I’d earn my money back and actually start saving.

You see, my household spends about $8 per week on filtered water. We know that some of you out there say “Just drink from the tap!” But to be honest, the water in my town is pretty hard and it taste nasty. I figured, I was spending $32 per month on RO water from the grocery store. So with our own RO device, in about 6 months, I would have paid off that amount I spent on the RO and anytime after that, that’s savings in my pocket! This is truly a money saver for us because I can drink up to 10 or more glasses of water day. Having the RO spicket on our sink saves me the trouble of having to drive to the grocery store and buy water. Plus I’m saving money on gas too! So in my eyes its a win win!