Sette Reken Maiden Voyage

Last Saturday was the first time I took out the newly built Sette Reken out for a ride. We rode on a trail called Turnbull Canyon in Whittier, Ca. This is a super fun trail, not as friendly to single speed bikes, but still wicked fun!

The ride starts off with a 2 mile climb to the top. I’m not sure the elevation is but its pretty high. Once you’re up there, you can see downtown LA and the Hollywood sign.

I ended up using the Yess Pro Full Suspension tensioner because the first tensioner I installed wasn’t wrapping around the rear cog enough,which caused my chain to skip. After swapping it out, the bike rode fine. This was also a perfect opportunity to try out the new Ergon Grips I just got. I really like those things because it has the bar end features with out it looking goofy with 6″ ends…

Basically, the Sette Reken did REALLY well for its first ride. The frame was light, flickable and I was able to take it on jumps, singletrack and some other technical parts of the trail. I’ll keep riding this baby and report back how it performs.

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