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Finally. This project has taxed my patience with several hiccups along the way but it’s finally done. The only thing I’m not digging is the Sette XLR bar/stem combo. The feel is very flexy but that’s okay, I’ve got a replacement on the way. These are 2.3 WTB Exiwolfs and the Bandersnatch has plenty of room left. The newly named ODIS fork(Oh Damn It’s Smooth) is the renamed Pitchfork. It now comes in Bone White so I couldn’t help but pick one up.

I stripped my Truvativ cranks off my Heckler and have an all black X7 drivetrain. Didn’t have a chainbreak for the build but luckily the chain was just the right size.

Glad I went with the ODIS. It’s a nice three piece fork and seems like it will be leaps and bounds more stiff than the Zion.

I rode it around the alley and the bike feels like it just wants to go fast. I was really bummed I had to miss a Saturday morning ride but first chance I get I’ll be out on the Snatch. Can’t wait to see how it climbs and definitely interested on the feel of the big 29er wheels. I was worried about the fit since I was at the bottom end of the large frame’s suggested fit size. The bike fits like a glove. I feel more comfortable with the fit than I do with my regular trail bike.

Check back in for a full review of the ride. I always wanted to ride a steel hardtail and I intend to ride the hell out of it.

A HUGE thanks goes to Vassago Bicycles for providing us with the frame for the build. Also thanks to Pricepoint for the Ryde dropper seatpost. I’ll also be reviewing this as I know a lot of folks have interest in it as an alternative to it’s pricey $200 cousins.

Here’s the final spec:

Vassago Bandersnatch large ’07 frame

Vassago ODIS fork

Cane Creek S3 headset

Hayes MagsĀ  (7″ front, 6″ rear)

SRAM X7 front/rear derailleur/shifters

SRAM 951 Chain

Bontranger Supertstock wheels

WTB Exiwolf 2.3s

Truvativ Firex Cranks/Gigapipe SL BB

Xpedo pedals

Sette Ryde seatpost

WTB saddle

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