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While wrenching on my bikes I realized I’d always have to run upstairs to grab a bottle opener. Since a good brew is essential to any wrenching session I decided to finally make myself a personalized bottle opener. I’d seen a couple of these how to articles with different methods, one of which was using the largest or second largest ring on the cassette and attaching a piece of chain for the handle. I ended up using the second largest cog but had some other things lying around and decided to fashion my own. The middle three rings will be going on a 3 speed cruiser project I’m working on and the biggest ring I’m fashion into a picture frame. Recycling bike parts give you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

First  step is to bust out the trusty Dremel tool and cut the bottle opener shape.

Next I took some old leftover bar wrap and was sure to cover half the width on the overlap. This will keep the teeth from poking through and ruining your beer opening experience.

I suppose I could have cut the end of the handle a little better but I just took off any sharp edges and finished the wrap off with some electrical tape.

The length of the handle gives you more than enough leverage to get those pesky bottle caps open. Total cost of cassette bottle opener project…$0. Unless you want to get picky and tally up the cost of running the Dremel. Still that’s pretty cheap. 🙂

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