Contest Time is Over!

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Last week I hosted a contest where you the reader had to guess what part of my body this photo was taken from…

As gross as it may look, it really isn’t. Well I guess it depends on how you look at it. But its basically my chin from this photo….

The only person that got the answer right was Chris, by the way, I sent you an email about it. So what did Chris win? Not really sure, I have to check the garage of goodies to see what it is I can send him. Could it be some stickers? Deodorant from The Crystal Stick? Some sand paper? A coat hanger made out of an old rim? Old tubes? Eh what ever it is, it should be pretty good!

Thanks again for those of you that sent in your responses. I’m sorry to disappoint the few of you that thought it was my landing strip…or my flavor saver….dirty

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