Testing out the Drift HD 170

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On Saturday I gathered the troops and decided to shuttle Santiago Oaks. Mind you anyone can easily pedal up the top of the ridge to enjoy the mild downhill sections, but we didn’t feel like climbing, so we loaded up the cars to start our adventure.

Oaks Fun

This ride gave me the opportunity to try out the Drift HD 170 helmet cam.

By the way, Art and I were riding our Airborne Takas. Love that bike!

As you can see the Drift does a pretty good job in capturing the action. I had it set to 780p and what you see is the final product of 1 file conversion and video editing. The first thing I had to do was convert the MOV file to AVI to make it work with my editing software. After it was all said and done, I uploaded it to Youtube.

This shot was taken before our second run. Dan decided to take us on a different route that lead to our Goonies adventure! You can’t tell, but I’m actually smiling!

Oaks Fun

RL Policar

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6 thoughts on “Testing out the Drift HD 170

  1. That vid came out way cool. I like that camera, but one thing I did not see is the price, will it scare me like all the others?
    Had a great time, WEEEEEEEEE!!!!

  2. Nice vid! And I must say this wife is thankful for Corey’s ninja skillz out there – being able to clear RL and his bike as he was picking flowers at 2:33. Badassery at its best. 😀

  3. hahaha.. I was going to comment on the same scene.. 2:30.

    Anyways… the website looks pretty cool. would you choose this over the GoPro hero or contour HD (lets say I’m concerned more about video quality than cost). how was the durability so far?

    I definitely like the slow motion and remote, and looks like everything comes with it.. all attachments etc.. looks like a full package and also addresses a lot of other camera shortcomings; something to keep an eye on.

  4. Big Mike,

    So far I’d go with the Drift over the Contour. The GoPro is pretty tough to beat, then again, I’m not done testing the camera. I think the best feature the Drift has is the LCD screen because I can see what I am shooting at as well as watch what I just filmed.

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