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Last weekend was the Team’s first race of 2012. We were all eager to perform at our best. Through out the course of the weekend, the team encountered some unique situations that affected some of the guys. For starters there were some fierce winds that hit Fontana. Saturday wasn’t bad at all, in fact, we were all doing pretty good. So good that even the our Speed Stars, Dan Burdett and Mark Tomas did great in their own races. Dan scored a 2nd place in Super D, Mark also a 2nd place in the 35+ Single Speed cat. Way to go guys!

What I really appreciate about the team is the willingness that each other has in wanting to help each other out during DH practice. One way or another, our top riders, Corey Pond and Art Aguilar took us under their wings and showed us the best lines. In this case, Corey showed Neal the best part of the day…sunset.

On race day we were goofing around and Neal snapped this photo of Art and I…

As I mentioned, the team camaraderie is awesome in the team. Check out how Art was cheering for me and how he’s got my back.

By the end of the weekend, we had some fun times and great race runs. Art was taken out by the wind. He literally got picked up and thrown down by the strong winds, causing his chain to derail. This yielded an 8th at a time of 4:33. Corey Pond was succumbed by the strong winds as well. While en-route to the race, his bed liner lifted and threw his bike and belongings onto the freeway! Ya, he and the bike were ok. Neal Bryant came in at 8th place with a time of 3:32. Bryan Doney placed 12th (with 2 crashes) and a time of 3:54. Wes Castro placed 14th with a time of 3:35. Yours truly took 6th with a time of 3:17.

I would like to thanks Airborne Bicycles for their continued support. They have been pretty awesome just like the Taka!

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