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I’ve been riding the Loop for over 4 years and I never had the chance to ride it ‘backwards’. Since today I’m taking a personal day, I decided to give it try.

As some of you may know, the loop is a busy place, you have hikers, walkers, dogs, horses and fellow mountain bikers. I had to ride the loop with extra care since 99.9% of riders don’t expect someone riding the opposite direction. The beauty of this ride was that it was totally different, the fun downhills became nasty uphills and the uphills that we dread became fun downhills.

The part that sucked was the singletracks, you couldn’t really hammer them because of overgrown weeds and blind turns, a head on collision would have been ugly.

So I’m thinking that we should promote a ‘Backwards Loop Day’, that way all of us that ride the loop frequently get a change of scenery without worrying about injuring ourselves and others

2 thoughts on “Ride report: Backwards loop

  1. I agree with your statements. It is a rist you take because of the fact that 99.9 of the people are riding the loop in the normal direction. The Loop has become a little “boring” for me so riding it backwards gives it a new view along with new challenges.

    It would be nice if some how the trail can have a notice at the court house that all riders will be riding in a certain direction on certain days.


    Monday, Wednesday and Friday – Normal

    Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday – Backwards

    Sunday – NOT SURE YET

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