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Singletrack this morning, before going OTB

I went Over The Bars (OTB) today. Not much fun. You’d think that after breaking a finger having gone OTB that I’d learn not to brace myself for my fall, but you can’t teach this old dog new tricks.

It was a great ride up until that point. I decided to take it easy again, taking a slow pace and getting off for multiple “photo shoots” for your viewing pleasure. But it seems that whenever I stop and get started again, it always takes a little while to get back in the groove.

Don’t worry, the bike is OK

Just after taking a quick break to shoot some shots, I got back on my bike to tackle a section I typically clear about half the time. It’s a mixture of tall roots (almost 6 inches off the ground), a sand pit and a quick steep sandy climb that in certain spots is less than half the width of singletrack. Well, I never even got close to the sand pit. The 6 inch root tripped me up. I mentally was not engaged and manualed my front end too early. The tire then proceeded to drop right in front of the root, got stuck and OTB I went.

There is a surreal feeling of turning your head sideways and watching as your bike seat and rear wheel fly by. Of course the rear wheel was making a noise as it kept spinning in mid air. Couple this with my shin banging sharply against the handlebar and you’ve got sight, sound and touch that just goes to enhance the surreal feeling.

More singletrack to explore before heading home

Thankfully nothing was broken, except the skin on my shin. I can already see the icepack on my shin at work today to reduce the swelling to of course minimize the downtime allowing me to get in a ride this weekend. I just have to keep reminding myself: I need to engage my brain when I ride.

7 thoughts on “OTB

  1. Yes, everything… except when it comes to rider error. BTW, the 29er then does calculus for you afterwards.

  2. OUCH! Watching your bike upside down… sail past you IS surreal and comical (if you can still laugh) 🙂 I have that happen too many times 🙁

    Glad you are all ok – Bike & camera.

  3. I myself have had a knee surgery from going OTB, since then i too have learned to go with the flow, the last one that i remember i was able to step off the bike and let it go over its own bars.

    OH and 29ers Dont roll over everything, atleast not when its a 10″ tall boulder, that you didnt see. 😀

  4. dang… were you on the fullerton loop? Glad to hear you’re not hurt too bad. I though OTB meant “out the back” or “off the back”… like when you’re in a group and get dropped… hmmm learn something new everyday.

  5. I didn’t want to admit it, but yes I was on the Fully Loop. It seems that all my crashes happen there probably because I’m too familiar with it and I start thinking about other things.

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