Weight Loss Wager Update: End of Week 4

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It seemed like last week was tough for both Vince and I. I had only lost 1lb, and he had gained a bit.

Here’s the stats:
RL: -13bs, -6.44%

Vince Rodarte: -8lbs, -3.30%

Vince and I actually only have 3 weeks left of this contest, anything can happen. So I can’t really make any predictions on who will be sportin’ the sun dress at the Fullerton Loop.

My weight loss progress has been pretty encouraging, I’ve lost a total of 21lbs, and 13 of that is due to the contest. I actually haven’t been under 190lbs in over a year. As I’ve mentioned before, my over all goal is to get down to about 160-170lbs. So that means I have another 20+lbs to go. Basically that means even after the contest is over, I’ll still be working at it.

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