Ride Report: Bonelli Park, Part II

Ride Reports

Everything RL said on the previous post with an emphasis on HOT!!! I tried to get these video clips to RL but unfortunately they were too big to email. Following his video theme, here are some of the footage I took. Definitely had a great time despite the heat!!!

4 thoughts on “Ride Report: Bonelli Park, Part II

  1. That sure was nice of you Joe..but don’t feel too bad! RL loves himself so he makes sure to have his pics all over the websites! lol. But he sure did appreciate the vid! =D

  2. Joe,

    I was cracking up during the part of the video where I was doing the track stand…around 42 seconds, where you said…”ah galeng!”

    It’s great to have another Pinoy on board. Moe has his Messican Side Kick, Jeremy…


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