Mountain Uni?

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Riding a unicycle on mountain biking trails.

Mountain Unicycling
Unicycling is great and all, but isn’t it just a little too easy? You can barely turn your head without seeing someone who scoffs at bicycles in favor of going everywhere on a single wheel. Such would seem to be the logic behind mountain unicycling. The name is in no way misleading; it’s a sport in which riders climb and descend hilly trails on their unicycles.

Click here for the link and a pretty interesting video.

I wonder if they’ve tried using 29er wheels yet?

2 thoughts on “Mountain Uni?

  1. Chris Holm, I think that’s his name, was a trials champion and they showed him on a lot of the old New World Disorder films. The things he rides on one wheel are just pure insanity. I definitely recommend checking out the first one or two NWD films. Your jaw will drop!

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