Weight Loss Wager: Final Weigh In, Who’s wearing the Dress?

8 weeks has come and gone. During these 8 weeks Vince and I worked pretty hard on losing weight. Not only did we both benefit, but the City of Hope also benefited from our little contest. You can see the total monies raised on the right hand column. —–>

Vince and I both agreed that our contest will be based on the percentage amount lost from our starting weight. So here’s the final stats….


202 – 187 = 15lbs
15/202 = 7.43%


242-226 = 16lbs
16/242 = 6.61%

Though Vince will be wearing a dress at this weekends ride at the Fullerton Loop, personally I feel that I could have lost more. The contest maybe over, but I plan on shedding more flab of my body and eventually drop an additional 25lbs, making me a lean, mean, single speed riding, sexy machine!

Anyhow we’d like to thank all of the supporters of the contest, especially our families, the MtnBikeRiders.com crew, KHS Bicycles and little baby Jesus for helping us through our contest.

Here’s our before photos:
Vince chowing down on some In and Out Burgers…weighing in around 241lbs.

RL with the red sleeves…weighing in around 210 at that time. But started the contest at 202lbs.

and here’s our After Photos! Viola! Man we look Hot! Well we really were! Vince and I were at a wedding reception when this photo was taken this Saturday…and it was HOT that day! Um…ladies, I’d like to address my next comment to all of you that are reading…those two hot pieces of biking @$$ belong to their respective wives…Ruby owns Vince and Priscilla owns RL. So I’m sorry to disappoint y;all, but we are happily married. Ok now that I got that out of the way, feel free to indulge in the masculine hunkiness that you see in front of you…heck if you want an autograph, I’m sure we can accommodate!

To fulfill the bet that Vince and I made, this Saturday will be the “Dress Ride” at the Fullerton Loop, followed by a BBQ at the home of RL and Priscilla. So make sure you come out and ride with us, then join us for some grub afterwards. If you’re interested in coming out this weekend, feel free to leave a comment so we can include you in our mailing list for this event.

9 Replies to “Weight Loss Wager: Final Weigh In, Who’s wearing the Dress?”

  1. I think Vince lost a pound worth of hair!!! I didn’t recognize him, he actually looks like a decent person all cleaned up!

  2. Nice Job earning money for a good cause. I should do the same.
    Hey Vince, you don’t look morbidly obese! Just joking, like I should talk? It’s too bad your goatee had to pay the price for your weight loss! The PMBC have shifted our ride to Fully just to see Vince. Don’t know if anyone’s gonna hit your after-ride BBQ, RL, but I’d guess about 10-15 riders will join you for the ride.

  3. Martin,

    Good to hear from you. That’s going to be cool to have a large group on the loop.

    thanks for the heads up.


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