New Build Project: XC Race and Epic Machine

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We’ve got a new build project that we’ll be working on soon. This one is a bit unique from the Ultimate All Mountain Bike, The Sette Reken, and the Full Suspension Single Speed. The bike we’ll be building has two purposes.

1. Be comfortable enough to ride epics

2. Be aggressive enough to race with

I’m sure there are plenty of bikes out there that can do that, but the goal of our build is to customize it for the rider. As you all know, Priscilla is our Podium Girl…no she’s not the one that gives the winners their medal and a peck on the cheek, nope, she’s our girl that places when she races. She’s also been known to enjoy an epic ride.

The problem that Priscilla faces with her current set up, a XC hard tail is that it can be a harsh ride, especially if she’s on the trail for hours at a time. That said, this bike we’re building will suit her racing and epic needs. We’re going to build it up with some great parts…nothing that would break the bank and of course some pink accents to celebrate that she’s a chick.

If you’re wondering which frame we’ll be using…here’s a hint!

We’ll be getting this frame later on this week and once we have it in hand, we’ll post some glamour shots of it…you know on the bed, with a feather boa and all polished up….oooh!

RL Policar

RL Policar is an avid mountain biker and the Editor In-Chief of and Between the two sites, he's published well over 4,000 articles (and growing).

9 thoughts on “New Build Project: XC Race and Epic Machine

  1. This is sort of what my Cannondale Rush is…I race it every so often but its still pretty comfortable to trail ride.

  2. DT,

    The Thudbuster is a great addition to any bike. But it doesn’t substitute a full suspension. One of the problems with that is when it compresses it shortens your leg extension distance…make sense? So when the rear wheel hits a bump, the whole bike moves. But if you had a full suspension bike, then the rider essentially stays at rest while the front and rear wheels are absorbing the terrain.

    By the way, are you going to make it to the Dress Ride?

  3. DT, I’d say it makes a difference in any type of riding: XC, trail, all mountain. The Thudbuster is nice for hardtail bikes because it gives and extra couple inches of cushion. I had one on my Mountain Cycle Rumble(hardtail) and it helped ease a lot of the low back stress I’d feel over extended rides.

    I doubt it’ll make you faster but if you like the ride of a hardtail but want a little forgiveness in the back it’s definitely worth it. They also come with three elastomers so you can change them out, depending on your weight.

  4. Thanks guys!

    RL, I get what you mean–with a seat suspension, everytime the rider hits a bump, the distance between the seat and bottom bracket changes and thus changing the leg extension. I can see how that could ‘waste’ pedalling efficiency. I was toying with the idea of the Thudbuster for Mrs DT’s bike.

    I’ll try to swing over in the morning and see you guys at the Dress Ride and shoot some pics. I dont think I can ride, its my kaarawan/compleanos and the family unit might have something planned for me…

  5. I’d go with the ST(Short Travel) Thudbuster. Its just enough cushion without the drastic dip(as the LongTravel model tends to). I ran the ST and loved it. The LT seems to have too much up and down travel from what I hear.

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