Project: XC Racer

The Fat Tire Classic XC race is less than a month away, since I’m not in any ‘racing shape’ and my lightest bike weighs 29.5 lbs, I decided to build an XC rig.

I decided to go with a KHS Team Alite frame, at 3.0lbs, my 6-yr old daughter had no trouble holding the frame. Why a KHS frame?, (no, it was not free) after testing over 6 KHS bikes and owning 3, I’m convinced that KHS produces awesome quality stuff. (Not to mention that Melissa Buhl scored a championship on a KHS frame)

Here’s my spec list:

2008 XT Cranks, Shifters, F & R derailleurs
2007 RockShox Reba Race Dual Air Fork
2007 Vuelta StarLite AL Wheels with Michelin Tires
Answer ProTaper CF Bar
Thomson Elite seatpost
Hayes Nine Brakes (from another bike)
I still haven’t decided on the stem and the pedals (most likely Crank Bros).

My goal is to be at around 20lbs and be done by the 20th. Come back for the updates!

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