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Sometimes we here at MTNBikeRiders receive letters from Santa about this time of year. Usually it’s kids writing to Santa wanting to get a new bike for Christmas but let’s face it, Santa ain’t got a clue when it comes to bikes. Santa will usually forward the letters to us to read and make a suggestion for a new bike. Below is a perfect example of just such a letter. Billy, from the USA, wrote Santa asking for a new bike that he could race! Well we just happen to get in a new Sette Serum Pro for a long term test.

Letter from Billy, USA

Billy, here is a video I shot just for you. If your a good kid, maybe, just maybe you’ll get a new Sette Serum for Christmas.

Quality is priority #1. The tubes fade in several places from a visible carbon weave to a flat black which is completely different their older frame the Phantom. The carbon is 3k High Modulus which means high quality. There are only a few carbon bike manufacturers in the world and you can be sure that this frame was produced in one of them. With a 5 year warranty, you can’t wrong.

Fade to Carbon Weave

Full spec kit is priority #2. The bike has Shimano XT everything except for the brakes which are Avid Exlir CR. Tires are Kenda Small Block 8, a great all around choice. Front suspension is provided by a Fox 32 F RL which is indubitably one of the best.

Da Business

Stiff. Lightweight. Fast. I will be testing this bike on real trails but during the neighborhood test, all the kids got smoked. I have seen others weigh the frame by itself at 2.7 lbs and this bike weighs 22.5lbs, really light!

Artistic Framework

The bike is available for purchase now at a retail price of $2250 and the forums are already abuzz about the new frames. If your a good kid like Billy, maybe Santa will bring you one too.

The Serum for your ailment

I’ll be testing this bike for a while and my first order is to fine tune the cockpit. Once that is completed and this heat wave we are experiencing fades, I’m gett’n on this thing for sure.

Big McLargehuge

While these other pansies are riding mountain bikes with their matching spandex and color called KITS...I'm bangin' their wives at home and she just served me breakfast in bed and I washed it down with a cold beer. Enjoy your ride suckas, cuz I know I did!

6 thoughts on “Sette Serum

  1. Yeah, you always pay for the label (better get them now before they get popular and the price goes up)… they also have a full XTR version with Mavic wheelset. At that price it’s like buys the components and getting a free carbon frame.. hahaha. Definitely a great deal if you don’t mind having last years parts. Easy way to get into carbon.

    Now if they could just make a cool AM frame like the 2011 Yeti 575….. I’d hit that.

  2. How does that bike ride? I was looking at the Elite model but have been reluctant to pull out the plastic to get it. Can you shed some light on if i should buy one?

  3. I am super interested on how the Serum Pro rides. are you guys going to give a full review? When? I want a new bike to run down Santa with…Please give a full review on the Serum Pro soon!

  4. I got a Serum Pro at the end of last season and I cannot say enough about how impressed I am, especially for the price. Living in Canada, I had to pay an extra $200 for shipping, so the complete bike cost me $2K, taxes in, and it is worth every penny.

    Geometry – the cockpit is tight (and I’m small) and this wants to climb like a goat. I put on a longer stem to address cockpit length. Head tube angle is quite steep, so it has quick reactions (I’m a decent bike handler and find it worrisome to ride no hands on the road). For a race bike, this is what you want.

    My biggest surprise, especially compared to a brand name from the LBS, is that there is NO cheaping out on parts. When they say “full XT” they mean FULL XT (except the brakes). The Avid Elixir CRs are great. Good modulation, finicky but solid and simple set up (and bling carbon levers). If there was one criticism, it would be the SDG ti-rail saddle. It is plenty light, but quite narrow. I found it uncomfortable so I swapped this out for a Selle Italia SLR XC. I also switched the straight seatpost for one with 20mm setback (Ritchie XXX Lite) to really nail cockpit positioning.

    I am VERY VERY happy with this bike. It dances underneath you, moves with you, and eats up the trails. Highly recommended.

    Not a fan of

  5. My Pro XT arrived last week and I’m Very happy with it so far. Not ready to give in to the 29er craze yet. Wish it came with XT brakes instead of Avid CRs, but this is the best value out there. Any update on the long term test?

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