Sea Otter 2009: Sette’s Carbon Frames!

Met up with Brian and Mylo of Sette at Sea Otter. They were displaying their two new 26″ carbon frames, the more XC oriented Impulse and the very racy Phantom. The Phantom comes as either frame only or fully built up. The fully built Phantom has an amazing spec sheet for the money, $2,699, a real value for an under 20lb rig.

“Phantom” written in on the top tube. Very subtle against the carbon

I’m a big fan of carbon weave, so I thought I’d throw this picture in

An interesting touch on the seat stays. Excuse the dust/sand.

Another low-key Sette graphic on the Phantom. Attention whore RL getting in on the photo shoot.

The Sette Phantom, fully built. An absolutely sick bike at under 20 lbs

The Sette Impulse was not built up, but the frame was on display:

Sette on the downtube in white against the carbon fiber weave

Sette Impulse, a more XC oriented bike with a frame weight of 2.9lbs

For more info on the Phantom, click here.

For more info on the Impulse, click here.

16 Replies to “Sea Otter 2009: Sette’s Carbon Frames!”

  1. I’ve ALWAYS loved Sette products. Super affordable and just as good as name brands.

    “Attention whore” Really?!? Dude, that right there is an old marketing technique…”Product Placement” or “Embedded Marketing.”

    “Product placement, or embedded marketing,is a form of advertisement, where branded goods or services are placed in a context usually devoid of ads, such as movies, the story line of television shows, or news programs. The product placement is often not disclosed at the time that the good or service is featured.”

    I was promoting the MtnBikeRiders Race Team as well as the site….Basically I was hoping that when Milo and Brian see our logo next to the frame, they’ll think, “Oh we should have test these new carbon frames….”

    but thanks to you, the whole purpose of it was exposed…thanks Jerm…thanks…. 🙂

  2. Off topic did you guys see the Downhill Bike what did you guys think not a bad looking bike for 2500 complete and 900 for the frame, They also told me about the Venom more of a freeride bike. If you guys get any info on these bikes let me know.

  3. The carbon frames are seriously nice…RL will love to hear this but what they really need is….a 29er with an EBB !!!
    They would fly off the shelf.

  4. 29ers are the worst bikes out there. They’re slow, hard to climb with and you can’t do DH with them! Waste of money if you as me.

  5. Does anybody know if these carbon frames from Sette are truly well made, or are they made in some factory in China with little to no R&D to speak of. Carbon, if not made perfectly, can just brake apart, serious danger. Have been trying to get more information from Sette, all they say is “they are really well made,” but no factual data on stres testing, etc. Hope someone knows.

  6. Hilly: only time/testing will tell. I do have a friend that picked one of the PHantom fully built up (an absolutely sick build kit, by the way). He flies on his heavier bikes. I can’t wait to see how he does with this one.

  7. Thanks for the speedy reply. I look forward to any info. Lots of good information on carbon on Ibis web site. And yes, Phantom comes with a serious build kit, you could buy that bike just for the kit, serious value.

  8. Hey i was wondering the same thing about the frames……like comparing that to the cannondale taurine. I just want to be able to read someones review on the phantom that way if i do buy one i don’t want to end up scraping it for parts cause the frame cracked even though it does have a 5 year warranty. I just would like to know what your friend says thanks. Dan

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