Priscilla says…”a bike for every purpose…”

In the past Priscilla used to always give me a hard time about having the amount of bikes that I own. I have explained to her many times that each bike holds a purpose. Between Priscilla, my kids and I, we have as many bikes as the fingers and toes on my body…and probably a few more if you count my tail.

So for years, she’d HARASS me about having way too many rigs. Think of it this way, I can’t park my cars in the garage because I have way too many bike related items in there. It looks like a bike shop…

With Priscilla’s recent acquisition of a new Redline R540 to review for, her co-workers made a few comments stating that she has a bunch of bikes. Bike hoarding can be contagious…Anyhow, so they’ve seen her ride the Xtracycle, Beach Cruiser, Redline 925, her mountain bike and now the R540 to work. But she gently explains to them that each bike has a separate purpose.…AMEN!

Man, its like an answered prayer when I heard her utter those words. She FINALLY understands the need for “a bike for every purpose.” Phew…

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  1. So its not a MYTH. Filipino’s DO have a tail! I thought my dad was lying when he said mine was cut when I was born… 🙂

    I only have 2 bikes and was told the same thing; ‘What are you going to do with 2 bikes?’ Funny, I own over 12 airsoft guns and was never asked that but 2 bikes? LOL

    Those Redlines sure are sexay..

  2. I’ve got a few airsoft guns, but nothing like what you have. I have the cheapie spring loaded…none of those AEG things that look like real guns.

    My parents didn’t cut my tail because they said it would have an adverse affect on my balance.

  3. Interesting…I bought a DH bike several months ago. Unfortunately I havent had a chance to ride yet and it’s just sitting in the garage.

    My GF says to me this morning…”how come I never see you ride the new bike?” Not wanting to explaing too much, I just said it was specific to certain type of riding… She says “what about about your other bikes? arent they capable?”…

    So I say “No Honey, there are bikes for every purpose 🙂 “

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