The Battle Begins!

Yesterday was our official first day of our weight loss wager. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, click HERE.

Vince sent me a few photos of him and his scale info.

I didn’t get a chance to snap a photo of myself, so I’m using one from this weekend…
Here’s one of me at the buffett…

Here’s one of me in a not so flattering pose…ugh…I feel and look so fat!

So here’s the tale of the tape (as of Monday):
RL weighing in at 202lbs-5’7″ Vince R. weighing in at 241.5lbs about 5’10″(I’m guessing his height)

Both are single speeders, both like to eat and both DO NOT WANT TO WEAR A DRESS!

This will be an interesting competition between Vince and I. We’ll be keeping everyone updated with our weekly progress report. So make sure you check in on Mondays!

9 Replies to “The Battle Begins!”

  1. Good guess on the height! Right on the button!

    Well, I had some pasta and a salad for lunch yesterday. Some lean london broil and plain mashed potatoes for dinner. A bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and some dinner left-overs for lunch today. Dinner hasn’t come yet tonight…not sure what I’ll be eating…

    Dude, it’s on fo’ sho’ R.L.!! I’ve got an entire sales staff behind me giving support! Guys from as far away as Chicago are calling me to make sure I’m not giving in! My wife thinks I’m crazy…but what’s new???!? I even had a good customer offer to postpone her “Thanks for the great service” homemade coffee & fudge brownies until afte the 8 week contest, but I asked her not to punish my office staff for my crazy antics! I’ll have to have at least one or five of them brownies! I’m like that Verizon wireless commercial with all of the people “in my network”!! See YOU on the trail!

  2. i want in bitchez

    im johnny , im a mechanic for Incycle pasadena. i love soda and im fat.
    i race bmx and love to ride mtn bikes… sooo here are the stats: 24yrs old
    6’1 300lbs
    sooooooo.. im the biggest guy here.

  3. Yeah..I know Johnny…He’a a Mu Mu wearing Mo Fo! But he’s pretty fast for a big belly boy…

    Thinking about hanging up the car keys and hitting the pavement on a daily basis to get to work…28 miles each way! That ought to drop some weight!

  4. Hey guys,

    Cheryl says that you should use percentages to make things fair, especially if Vince is taller than you RL.

    Just think – HUGE healthy breakfast – med sized lunch – small dinner. And small healthy snacks through out the day.

    Looking forward to seeing the results of “Mtnbikeriders biggest loser” contest!

  5. Ok. This has gotten bigger than I figured it would!! I have Corporate sponsorship for my weight loss goal!!! A competing bike brand has given me the offer of $5.00 for every pound lost for the duration of the 8 week contest!!!! My good buddy, and the So Cal, Las Vegas Specialized sales rep, Juan Diaz, has offered up $5.00 for every pound lost!!! This is what I am thinking… Instead of using the 10 bucks towards breakfast or quick beer run, RL and I can petition for more sponsorship and raise some fundage for a worthy cause..Say under priviledged kids who need some bikes, or IMBA, or High Hopes, or split between Tara Llanes or Stephen Murray for their medical bills… R.L., what do you say??? We get healthy and some people who could really use the help benefit as well!

  6. That’s awesome Vince! You guys should do that. Loose the weight, help out some people, and both put on the dress. That way, everyone wins! It’s a win win situation.

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