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A few days ago I mentioned the Sette Impact Protective Suit that was available through for $79. Well after talking to our friends at, they went ahead and sent me the suit to review. Now that I’ll be doing more DH riding, this suit will come in handy.

I got some photos of how this thing actually looks. The website does a pretty good job on the description and photo, but this is how it is when its worn.

Front view:

Here’s the description:

High Speed Protection

The Sette Impact Protective Suit w/ Zip-Off Sleeves was constructed using an open mesh design that is intended to give a rider superior comfort and mobility. The vented high density foam under layer provides protection, and maintains ventilation, while a removable articulated spine protector, with multi strap kidney belt keeps everything tight and secure. Extra protection is gained with strategically placed, shoulder cups and chest plates that are injection molded for extra durability. Removable arm guards with elbow and forearm protectors, make this one of the most versatile DH/Freeride protection suits on the market.

Check out my spine protection:

Our Jersey actually l fits really well over it. I wear an XL for the jersey an still had room to move even with the suit underneath.

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10 thoughts on “Sette Impact Protective Suit

  1. I probably should rename that title to a “protective suit.” But these things have always been known as a “pressure suit” why? No clue. Perhaps it is because how you say it, it keeps close to your body and pretty much clings to you that way when you crash the pads don’t move out of place.

  2. looks pretty substantial and a good price. The alpinestars will cost at least 3X that. Dude, you’re buff!

  3. Sedrik,

    Just marry the girl already! When that day comes, I expect an invite to the wedding, and please name your first born after me, RLaunceston Tolentino Policar. If not, can you give him a middle name of “Chaz?” That name or “Chip” will make him an automatic chick magnet!

  4. Her RL

    How’s the Sette holding up over time? Do you still recommend it? How are the knee/shin protectors? I’m thinking of ordering the set. Thanks.

  5. The suit is holding up really well. I’ve taken way too many falls with it on and so far I’m still here!

    Go get it, you won’t find any other protective gear for that price.

    Knee shin work like a charm, still in great condition.


  6. Sweet! This may be the review that will cause me to pull the trigger!

    How is the zip-off sleeve function? Would you be able to ride with a regular jersey and just the sleeves from the impact suit if you only wanted some elbow protection for less intense rides?

  7. Thanks for the recommendation – I’m loving it. I also got the knee/shin protecter – both in large. But the knee/shin runs kind of large. It’s way too big for me – I’m 5’11” 215. The jacket fits me like a glove.

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