Felt’s Complete 29er HT Lineup

Felt’s 2009 website is showing off a complete 29er HT lineup including 3 new carbon hardtails. They are a must see, especially enlarged. These bikes don’t “say” fast, rather they SCREAM fast. The top of the line bike is the Felt Nine Team with black carbon underneath Red graphics. Remember “red” means fast. 😉

Felt Nine Team. Carbon frame, SRAM “components” including a matching 2009 Rock Shox Reba fork, 21.4 lbs

The new carbon 29ers are a great addition to the 29er world as they expand the carbon hardtail market from just 2 bikes, the Gary Fisher Superfly & Orbea Alma (which sadly comes in only one size!), to five manufactured carbon 29ers. Building carbon 29ers show that manufacturers understand that 29ers can be good bikes for racing and fast XC riding. Coming in at a mere 1300 grams claimed weight (2.86 lbs), these frames are definitely very competitive to the Superfly with a real world weight of 2.9 lbs and the Alma at 1305 grams.

What definitely surprised me the most was Felt’s commitment by adding not one but 3 carbon 29ers. With the different specs on each bike, Felt is believes that carbon 29ers should be available to not only the serious/deep pocketed racer but also to those who just want a sweet lightweight bike. Felt continues to sell their aluminum 29ers which are well spec’d and competitive in the 29er market.

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3 Replies to “Felt’s Complete 29er HT Lineup”

  1. Sickness. Felt puts some clean looking race machines together. Like the 80mm fork too. I just don’t see how long travel forks pair well with a 29er. The big wheels already take the edge of small stuff so a good small travel fork seems like all you would need or want(in my opinion).

    29ers are a very interesting addition to the biking world. I’m absolutely LOVING my rigid Vassago Bandersnatch. I actually want to go out on my bike more than I did on my old Santa Cruz Heckler! My riding buddy has noticed my bike handling has improved drastically to boot.

    Go 29ers!

  2. great looking bike and I’m glad to see another carbon frame hit the market, but this bike is closer to 24lbs.

  3. I’ve got one, that I just sent in on a warranty issue, and I’m stoked to be getting at 2011 frame. It’s such a sick bike!! I’ve ridden and raced it both on the East Coast roots and rocks and in and around Central Oregon on the amazing flowing single track that exists there. You should get one!

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