First Impressions: Flip Video Mino

As you peruse through our site on a daily basis, from time to time you may have noticed that we post videos.  From Tech tips, races, events and to our weekend rides.  We like to offer a first hand visual of our topics, if possible.  With that said recording devices are a big part for us.

We recently received the Flip Video Mino for review.  At first glance the Flip Mino mirrored the likes of an MP3 player, specifically an iPod.  Yes, it’s that small.  It’s hard to believe that a recording device can be this little.    

IMG_0629 by you.IMG_0633 by you.

The unit has simplistic controls.  It has an On/Off button on the side, and on the face of the device has the Play/Pause, Delete, Forward, Reverse, +/- for volume control and a big red button for on/off recording.  All these buttons positioned beneath the 1.5” viewing screen.  The unit also has a built in, retractable USB plug.  You can plug it straight into your PC/Mac or Laptop and upload.  The USB also doubles as your battery charging plug.    

IMG_0631 by you.



Here are the details from Flip:
• Dimensions 4” x 2” x 0.6”
• Weight 3.3 oz.
• 2GB on-board flash memory records upto 60 minutes of video
• Sealed, internal rechargeable lithium ion battery that recharges through built-in USB arm
• Flat back-panel with touch-sensitive buttons
• No-glare display screen (1.5”)
• TV quality video
• Instant playback, pause, fast forward/rewind, and delete features
• Available in black and white models
• Connects to TV for instant viewing
• Built-in high-speed software enables instant video sharing from any PC or MAC:
o Save and organize videos on computer
o Email videos and video greeting cards
o Publish videos instantly on video sharing sites like MySpace, YouTube, and AOL
o Capture still photos from video clips
o Create custom movies with your own music
o Make your own DVDs and have them shipped anywhere in the world
• MSRP: $179.99

This past Sunday I took the Flip Mino on a ride with some friends, Rommel and Art.  We headed to Santiago Oaks.  Check out the video, it looks pretty clean with exception of the footage taken from a distance.  I was wearing my gloves and wasn’t quite familiar with the controls so I was fumbling with it.  Also some of the footage were out of focus; this may have been due to the user (me).  I will be taking more videos in the coming months.  Check back for an update.

7 Replies to “First Impressions: Flip Video Mino”

  1. The clarity on that is pretty impressive. I like that you have the option to zoom in when needed….my camera doesn’t have that option while filming. Nice.

  2. Heard about the Mino from KROQ a few months ago and almost bought one for the family trip to San Diego. What stopped me was the realibilty and durability of the unit especially coming from a not-yet-familiar company.

    I guess you guys will put it to the test, so I’ll wait if its worth buying or not.

    BTW rolling like kanin is the way to go!

  3. How is the editing feature? I have the slightly bigger “brother” Flip, but I haven’t tried editing anything yet. Frankly, I don’t even know where to begin…I’ve got hours of raw footage but no time or talent to massage them into a coherent short video!

  4. So I watched this video again…man…ang bagal ni Art. Wasn’t he supposed to be a DH racer? I mean he’s got the tattoos and all…I’m just messing with you Art. Looks like fun times. I need to head back there!

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