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ABOUT ME: 5’5, 130lbs, 30 year old female. I love all kinds of riding but Mountain Biking is by far my favorite!

TESTING GROUNDS: My living room, My side patio

• Heavy duty frame with large ovalized 40X80mm down tube is ultra sturdy
• Powder coated finish with rust inhibitor
• 440mm, 47 lbs. balanced flywheel w/sealed bearings
• Heavy-duty 3-Piece crank
• Oversize cartridge bottom bracket, 8-spline spindle
• Ultrasmooth and quiet belt drive
• Handlebar and seat heights adjust easily with Quick-pull knobs
• Handlebar rubber coated for durability, comfort and grip
• Handlebar mounted expandable water bottle cage
• Comfortable, new ergonomic saddle
• Chainguard is powder coated with rust inhibitor and covered
with 3M anti-slip tape for added safety
• Quiet and smooth top load Nova brake pad system provides progressive resistance/pressure
• Ratcheting adjustment resistance lever
• Resistance can increased or decreased to suit rider’s ability or training routine
• Fits riders from 4′ 10″ to 6′ 5″
• Club quality cycle with 10 year warranty on frame weld, 2 year mechanical,
and 6 month wearable
• Two rollers on front stabilizer for mobility
• Easily assembles in minutes
• Black

Doesn’t this spin bike look nice under my tree?!?!? 😀

A few months ago Moises dropped off the KHS ROBIX FITNESS bike for me. I was immediately impressed with the high quality of this bike. The spec list is a nice long list.

I had been taking spin classes at my local gym for a couple of months and the bikes at the gym are no comparison to this bike. If only I could drag this bike to my gym ever week!

There are two main items I wanted to consider for this review; Durability and the convenience/ ease of adjustments.


It seemed sturdy but only time was going to tell if I had any issues with this bike. I’ve been riding this bike for the last few months. And to date no issues! This is a big deal because I am known at my local gym for spinning another bike so hard that I have broken it! Took the crank arm right off the gym bike. No kidding!

Well I am proud to say I do believe I gave this bike a good pounding. I rode this spin bike on average two times a week, sometimes more, for a minimum of 45minutes. And if you have attended spin class then you know you don’t ride as if you are on a leisurely ride. My goal was to work hard enough to burn on average about 700 calories per hour. The bike proved to be more durable then other bikes I have ridden at the local gym. I was able to spin at a wide range of speeds that duplicated climbing gruesome hills to speeding down the street at a very high cadence. I sometimes worried that the high cadence spinning would cause some damage because of experiences I have had with other bikes but again the bike proved to be extremely reliable. The performance of the bike under the extreme tensions was excellent.

This bike is solid. It’s a good 47lbs and proved to hold up my weight very well. I use the bike to stretch out on also, shifting most of my weight behind the saddle (as if biking downhill) and sometimes would lean most of my body weight on the handle bars to do push ups while spinning. The bike did not shift at all. Solid as a rock.

And this bike is quiet! There is just a quiet hum. This past week in spin class my workout was interrupted by an awful clanking noise whenever I would stand and spin. It was so annoying but I didn’t want to stop my workout to change bikes so I just dealt with it. I was thinking about this spin bike the whole time.

I also have to mention that I have three active girls. And although this bike is NOT recommended for children, my girls cannot resist the bike if it sits in our living room. My youngest is six and was able to jump on the bike when the seat was at its lowest position and she would just spin while she watched cartoons. For fun she would sometimes stand on one pedal with both her feet and somehow manage to pedal her whole body weight around on one pedal. My other girls are 10yrs old and 12yrs old. If you have children then you know they are not careful with anything! Children are just prone to breaking things, and yet the spin bike stood the test of my three rugrats. Sometimes I think children have a personal quota to meet or something when it comes to breaking things. But my girls weren’t able to cause any damage to this bike.


Well it’s important that the spin bike is convenient and easy to use otherwise there is a very likely chance you just won’t use it. This bike features quick pull knobs on both the handle bars and the seat to make the adjustments fast. Even my six year old was able to do this with very little effort. You also have the necessary wheels at the front of the bike which made the transport from my patio to my living room very easy.

I also loved the positioning of the water bottle holder on the handle bars. Most position it on the frame. I loved being able just to reach for it without bending down. The handle bars were also very comfortable.

I have also used a Kurt Kinetic trainer and found that I most often wouldn’t work out because of the thought of having to hassle with putting it together. And also I have fallen over more than once on that set up because of all the standing I do while I ride. But with the ease of just rolling this bike from one spot to another, it left me with very few excuses and more work outs!

On a side note, it was great having the convenience of spinning in my own home. With the gym I was limited to the classes they could offer, which usually I am unable to attend because of schedule conflicts. And bike rides are limited by weather issues and if I can find someone to join me; as a personal safety rule I don’t mountain bike by myself. So it was great to get an excellent work out whenever I felt like it, and sometimes when I DIDN’T feel like it. I also have to say that I do believe being able to spin in my home contributed to my win this past November. It gave me more opportunities to train for that race.


Well to be honest I don’t have much to say in this area. This bike is a little on the pricey side, around $949. But this is a gym quality bike, actually in my case, a better than gym quality bike. And this price is comparable to other spin bikes on the market. If you are serious about exercise and biking I think this is a great investment. As a matter of fact I am trying to figure out how to purchase this bad boy for myself!

It was a pleasure to test the KHS ROBIX FITNESS! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! I am going to be sad to see it go!

Big McLargehuge

While these other pansies are riding mountain bikes with their matching spandex and color called KITS...I'm bangin' their wives at home and she just served me breakfast in bed and I washed it down with a cold beer. Enjoy your ride suckas, cuz I know I did!

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  1. does this have a computer to track and calories distance etc? . if not can one be added

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