My Daughter’s First Time Mountain Biking

Recently my coworker gave me an old GT Palomar. It was a 13 inch frame and as soon as I showed it to my daughter Breanna, she fell in love with it. You would think that a World Class Mountain Biking Blogger such as I would have a whole litter of mountain biking kids. Well unfortunately none of them really took to the sport. Back to the bike. Breanna showed interest in this bike and I told her that she could have it if she’s willing to use it for mountain biking. Keep in mind Breanna is not completely closed to the idea of riding. In fact she and I placed 2nd in last years Mt Sac Fat Tire Classic in the the Tandem Class. She’s been a reliable tandem partner, but with the recent sale of the bike, she hasn’t gone with me at all.

Ok so today she and I had a little date after church. First we did some shopping, nothing fancy, just went to Home Depot and the Grocery store. Then during lunch at our favorite sushi joint, I had asked her if she would be interested in going mountain biking. She gave me happy yes.

Around 3pm, we got ready and headed down the back side of the Fullerton Loop. We rode around the area that was relatively easy. At first she was apprehensive on some of the steep hills. But after some coaching and encouraging, she was comfortable enough to ride down each small descent we hit.

Climbing was something new to her, granny gears and sitting down during the climb all seemed foreign to her. But after a few climbs she got the hang of it. However, she later confessed that she’d rather go down hills than climb them…hmm I wonder if that’s an indication of what kind of riding she’ll like to do…

Anyhow, we must have done about 4 miles today. We had talked about upping the mileage each time we go on our next few rides. Below are some pics of our little adventure.

Dad and Breanna.

Here’s Breanna proudly showing off her GT Palomar.

Until next time!

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  1. Get em, girl! That was the EXACT same bike i had starting out. I LOVED IT. Same color and everything. She’ll have a blast.

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