Mt. SAC Pre-Ride, Part II

Mountain Biking Ride Reports

Ner and I met RL, Priscilla and Eric at the Mt. SAC parking lot just a little after 7AM this morning.  As RL stated on the previous post, many parts of the course were not marked yet.  Prior to running into the Incycle guys, we took a stab at the course and rode approx 3 miles until we were diverted back towards the parking lot. 

From the parking lot we can see the Incycle guys marking the trail.  We fiddled with our bikes for a bit and installed our new gear from Ergon.  After giving the SC Velo guys some time, we headed back to the course.  This time around they opened up a singletrack with in the 1st three miles.  Ungroomed, it was very bumpy and a little difficult going through it.  

Making our way to the last cutoff (that diverted us back to the car) new signs were up towards another singletrack.  This led us towards the back section of “the farm” and Mt. SAC.  Reaching the tunnel towards the farm, the gate was closed so we just headed towards the end of the course via last hill, which appears to be the dreaded hill.  On the other side would be the final descent.  

Enjoy the video, it should capture majority of the course.

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