Ride Report: Southridge XC Pre-race ride

29er Mountain Biking Ride Reports

This morning, Priscilla, RL and I went to Fontana to pre-ride Southridge’s XC course. Team MountainBikeRiders.com will be competing next weekend in all 3 events. Priscilla, Kim, Joe, Val, Eric and Ner will be racing XC, Kim (doing double duty) and myself will racing Super D. RL and Tony Finch will be riding DH.

This will be the first time that RL and I ride Super D and DH. Based on what I’ve read and from what other racers have told me about Super D, I thought that the KHS Flagstaff 29er would be a good choice.

As Priscilla and I parted ways with RL, we followed some of the arrows painted on different places of the course. The course is in deeply need of some rain, the trail is very sandy, rutty and a lot of loose rocks litter the way.

As we were following the pink arrows, Priscilla and I ended at a dead end. We turned back and we were lucky to find 4 other riders that seemed to know where they were going. We tried (OK, I tried) to keep up with them, thankfully, they were gracious enough to wait a bit.

I think that my choice of bike was perfect for this trail, the Flagstaff 29er breezed through the rock gardens and small drop offs. Since most of the climbing is not as steep, the 29er was a very capable climber. I’m looking forward to next week, I’m excited to find out how I do on Super D.

4 thoughts on “Ride Report: Southridge XC Pre-race ride

  1. Good luck, and tell us how the Flagstaff 29er performed because I am taking a long, hard look at buying one. thanks!

  2. I think the Flagstaff will do even better once I switch the tires. I’m really liking the way the Serfas Krest 9r have performed on similar terrain.

  3. Best of luck to everyone on the MtnBikeRiders.com team this weekend! Tear it up! I’m going to sit this one out, but I’m going to come out and watch for sure. Look forward to meeting some of you at the tent perhaps.

    Ride fast, ride safe!

    – Rob

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