Affordable 29ers for Christmas!

Here’s a few choices for an affordable 29er gift for Christmas…it could be for the 29er lover in your life or for you! actually have a few affordable models that start as low as $399. The model shown below, the Fantom is priced at $595

Ibex Bikes Section 29-Clearance sale of $799

KHS Solo One as low as $599

5 Replies to “Affordable 29ers for Christmas!”

  1. I’d like to add the Redline Monocog 29er and the Redline Monocog Flight to that list! I just recently acquired a Monocog 29er SS Rigid and I love it!

  2. HA HA! Lemme get some strength on it first! Even with a multigeared bike I could barely hack Fully. At 32-20 its way overgeared for flat / road use (above 11 MPH I’m bouncing) but its just right for light trails. Dunno if thats enough for a trail like Fully.

    I almost pulled the trigger on Motobecane Outcast 29er at too for $400 shipped which should be on your list of budget 29ers too!

  3. DT,

    The 32/20 is perfect for 29er bikes. Try riding with it at the loop the way it is.

    I have to tell you, the first 3 times you ride SS, it sucks in a good way. You’ll throw up a few times but its all in good fun!

  4. Just brought home my KHS Solo One today. Had my first winter ride on it and had a great time playing in the snow. -20C is not that fun though. I’ve found that conditions so far this winter are too severe for my SS cyclocross bike so the KHS is my winter do everything bike for now.

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