Ride Report: Riding with Newbies at the loop

Mountain Biking Ride Reports

From left to right: Marcio, Moe, Frank and Trisha

I’ve been bugging some of my friends that I ride road with to go with me Mountain Biking. After a year of constant ‘reminders’ they decided to join me at the Fullerton Loop. Two of my friends had never had the chance to experience riding a Mountain Bike, so the first item of business was to introduce them to how shifting, suspension settings and position differ on a Mountain Bike.

My fleet of KHS bikes

It took a little while for Marcio and Trish to get used to the bikes and the terrain, but once they got comfortable, we were enjoying the ride.

What was the biggest challenge for my roadie friends? The downhills:

Frank going down Ben’s hill

Marcio coming down Kutner trail

Going downhill on a dirt road with ruts, water logs and loose dirt is totally different than bombing down a paved downhill, but all of us made it down in one piece.

I always enjoy taking new people to the dirt trails and hope that the Mountain Biking bug bites them. Let’s see hope that everyone comes back!

3 thoughts on “Ride Report: Riding with Newbies at the loop

  1. HOOOAAAA!!!! Thanks very much Moe and to RL as well. I had a great time and looking forward to riding with you guys again. The most challenging part was the some downhills and loose dirt. All this will make me better cyclist in long run by learn other skills MTN has to offer. Oh yea WHOOP WHOOP to this web site and your team.
    Yes RL I will get some MTN shoes next time LOL……

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