Newbies-Moe and RL 5 years ago

As the subject of being a newbie came up this week. I dug through some archives of the days that Moe, myself and a handful of guys we ride with started a little riding club called TEAM ZOOM. We were weekend warriors that thought the Fullerton Loop was a difficult trail. Well, when you’re a newbie…any trail was. So I found some old clips of us going down a hill…

Here’s me…YAY!

Then Moe…Woohoo!

Priscilla and I got a great laugh seeing old videos, what’s even funnier is to see us do that and now participating in downhill racing….Anyhow, I remember those days riding with our friends, some of the best times I had on my bike.

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  1. Man, I remember that hill, it used to scare the crap out of me! We thought it was a big accomplishment coming down that hill. Good times!

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