David has been deflowered

Team Rider David Sanderson lost a Super Bowl bet to Tony Finch. Basically if Tony’s team won the game, then David would have to race DH at Fontana. Fast forward to Valentine’s Day. Moe, David and I set out for the race venue, Southridge in Fontana. As you know we’ve spent quite a bit of time at this place due to the Winter Series. What’s cool about the DH course is that it ALWAYS changes. The Southridge Racing Company creates various courses on the mountain so that each time we race its different.

We met up at my home at 6:20 am to make sure we got there early enough to get few runs in. We loaded up David’s truck with all of our stuff. Man between a bike and all the protective gear, the truck was packed!

As David tightened down the straps for the bikes, I noticed something odd….I asked him…”Did you forget your chain?”

After going back to David’s place to grab his chain, we finally got on the freeway.

When we got there we padded up, got the bikes ready and headed up for our first run.

Though this was David’s first time doing DH, we knew he’d be ok up on the mountain since he’s a pretty skilled rider. Besides, he’s riding the KHS Lucky 7...that bike will automatically make you bad ass.

Now the deflowering begins. On the first run, I led the way and we meandered through the same course that we raced on last weekend. After going through some of areas of the trail, we’d regroup and wait for each other. I then asked David how he’s liking it. Only thing he would say is “this is (insert expletive here) FUN!”

We sessioned different areas to make sure we were comfortable with it for the next race. Then I noticed that my rear hub was loose. Upon further inspection, I noticed my axle nuts had some play in it. We headed down back to the truck and I spent time working on my bike as Moe and David head back up. As soon I fixed the problem, David and Moe just finished their 2nd run and he comes up to me and asked if I was ready to head up again. By this time he was smiling ear to ear and wouldn’t stop saying…”this is (insert expletive here) FUN!”

This time I had David lead the ride down and man this kid can fly! He was pinning each berm, attacking the rock gardens and taking on the occasional jump with conviction! Shoot man, I think we may have another DH contender for our team!

For our next run, we head down the other side of the mountain. If you’ve ever been to Southridge, it would be the trail on the left side of the road to the water tower. This place is super rocky and because of all the rain we’ve had, it was very rutted. Moe grabbed the camera and took some action shots of us coming down and I swear, I must have “almost” endo’d a few times just because this trail was pretty technical.

Then we headed down to the lower rock garden…

By that time Moe and I were getting a bit tired. Walking up that mountain isn’t easy. So we decided to call it a day, but David was itching to get one more ride in. He headed up and Moe walked up the trail to get some pictures so David can show it off to his girlfriend…woooo! This one should impress her.

After riding DH, a fella can build up a major appetite. We then drove to Farmer Boys for some grub.

Moe was shoving all the meat he could into his mouth…mmm bacon…

Now that David has been deflowered, he’s wanting more of it. He wants to spend more time riding DH and feels pretty confident that he’ll do well at the next race. We’ll let you know how he does next week!

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