Eric Hunner’s Counting Coup 2009 Race Report

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–RL Policar: Counting Coup has to be one of the tougher races hosted here in SoCal. On race day, it was estimated that over 300 riders participated in this yearly masochistic fest. Once again, our very own Eric Hunner didn’t disappoint us by racing this event with his single speed.

The results of my last MTNbike event have been posted, the 44 mile, 8,000 +- feet of elevation gain “Counting Coup” 2009 Pow Wow, 10th place overall, 2nd Rigid Singlespeed, 05:09:55 time, 320 plate, age 30. I beat my 2008 time in this event by 8 minutes, this was the most important thing to do in this event. I wanted to come in under five hours, it just didn’t happen. It was bitter cold on March 7, 2009. The event started at 05:30am in the dark. I was armed with a Mini Mag 2 AA LED flashlight zip tied to my helmet, this little light supplied plenty of power until sunrise, don’t knock it until you try it.

I was greeted by The “Moe” at the start of the race, he has some really pictures of Eric Young my buddy, and myself with sunblock not rubbed in, all over my face. I was a little distracted when applying sunblock due to the events early start and trying to make coffee on a Coleman Stove, I think next year I am going to stay at home the night before the race and not camp. I love camping but I am aiming for the Vision Quest next year on a SS. I am going to need every bit of luck next year to finish the VQ one of the 10 most difficult MTN Bike events in the country, and still be able to move when it is all done.

The Pow Wow started on time and we were off to Beeks place, some 10 miles away uphill. I am greeted by Joe “Mama Jamma” about an hour later. He snapped some sweet pictures and gave me some support to dig out steep climb around the corner.

The other riders around me looked at me like they wanted some support from their peers as well. I pedaled another 12 miles before a rocky, narrow switchback called Motorway. I made it down even passing three full suspension bikes, and letting two speed demons pass me as to not be in the way. I get to the first aid station and go to take my Ergon Backpack off to refill the bladder, I had to get help from one the volunteers to get my pack unclasped. My hands were freezing and rattled after coming down Motorway on a rigid bike. Soon my hands were feeling normal again, I was refueled and ready to climb Maple Springs. I caught up to my biggest competition at the SRC race’s Mr. Rod Leveque and offered him some teriyaki turkey jerky, he looked at me like I was crazy. Rod was in the Vision Quest (56 mile) event on gears. We had some friendly hill climbing competition together eventually he broke away.

I was able to pedal up most of the hills this year, I removed my Spot hub and laced in a new Hope SS hub days before the race. With this change I had a built in travel alarm for hikers, and was able to easily change my gearing to 32×20, last year I ran 32×18 and fought cramps early in the morning and hiked most of the steep terrain. Being able to pedal most of the hills this year feels better than walking, and its faster. I thought I would able to come in under five hours with not hiking as much this year but two factors were the snowy ice on top of Saddleback mountain slowed me down, and the bitter cold, it took me forever to feel my burn. The cold weather was keeping me numb.

After all the climbing I was again greeted with another downhill to the finish line, if you have never been down Upper Holy Jim put it on your short to do list, if you like scary ruts going into corners, rocks, stairs steps, gravel, switchback’s, rollers, high speed action for some 10 miles. I made it though the 44 miles without injury, bike failure, or cramps thanks to SportLegs, six liters of fluid while riding. Next year I aim to step it up to the Vision Quest (56 mile) and keep climbing when I get to the bottom of Holy Jim. It is time to start training for next year’s Pow Wow already

To see more of Eric’s photos from the event (56 total!), check out the Counting Coup Flickr Set.

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10 thoughts on “Eric Hunner’s Counting Coup 2009 Race Report

  1. Nice job Eric! You’ll do fine on at the VQ. In fact I wish I had a singlespeed for WHT. Would have been lighter pushing up!

  2. Awesome job Eric!!! You’ll do well in the 2010 VQ.

    Next year we can coordinate and I can bring some of your energy supplements up top. You’ll have your personal Aid Station 🙂

  3. Joe next year I plan on eating one of the Locally World Famous “Dog Soldier” burgers provided by Brian Ephraim on top of WHT {West Horse Thief Trail} on the final climb of the Vision Quest. Don’t forget food motivates me.
    Carl did you get your burger?

    Joe, RL, & Priscilla you should try the Counting Coup next year.

  4. FWIW, I appreciated the offer of the jerkey. If I looked at you like you were crazy, it was because you were doing Counting Coup on a rigid singlespeed. That makes you a lunatic in my mind.

    All kidding aside, great job. That’s a tough ride on gears and with suspension. Finishing aboard a rigid SS is a tremendous accomplishment.

  5. Hell Yes I got my burger. It might have saved me. In fact they were running low and I thought I missed out. Warrior Member Fookawi was good enough to give me his double burger sans the first 2-3 bits. I didn’t even flinch at the offer.

  6. Good job finishing the “Vision Quest” Rod & Carl. I am looking forward to next years event.

  7. Hey Animal now !

    that’s not bad nickname dud !

    Dud I still have my memories it is great to heard you

    excited that means Im not the only one who got

    excited hahaha n to my friend Eric Yong and the rest

    I wish the best next year !

    Im gettin fat hahaha !

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