Sea Otter Classic 2009: Ergon GA1 Grips and BC3 Backpack

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Ergon just introduced their new GA1 All Mountain/Free ride/Downhill grips at Sea Otter Classic. The GA1 was Ergon’s answer to ergonimic grips for aggressive riding. I’ve been waiting for them to come out with these style of grips for the longest time. Now that they have, they even came out with it in WHITE!


New for 2009, the GA1 is a specific all mountain grip. Using the knowledge gained in the development of the GE1, the GA1 features a sculpted shape, and various textures to offer many of the advantages of our platform grips, in situations where absolute freedom of movement is called for. Securely bolted down with a slim aluminum clamp, available in two sizes, and three colours. Ergonomics aren’t just for XC or Endurance riders.

They also came out with a new large back pack called the BC3.

Water proof, and water resistant zippers.

The BC3 would be great for long haul/epic rides or races like the Counting Coup or Traverse that Eric “The Animal” Hunner likes to do for fun.

NEW! A cycling backpack built to take the punishment of a TransAlp race or your day to day commute. Double the capacity of our BD2, the Flink® Link ball joint equipped BC3 features a lightweight frame and allows for natural freedom of movement for the upper body yet still provides optimal load distribution. The BC3 utilizes a high-tech, heavy-duty water proof material (water proofed on both sides), with water resistant zippers, a helmet holder, internal compartments to keep you organized and a sleeve for a hydration bladder. The BC3 can carry your gear on an overnight mountain bike trip or your office clothes and laptop on an everyday commute. Gender specific carrying systems available in two sizes.

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3 thoughts on “Sea Otter Classic 2009: Ergon GA1 Grips and BC3 Backpack

  1. RL, were you mind reading again? The BC3 looks great for all day rides. It looks like a 12 pack would fit and have room for dinner.

  2. Yes, this bag is HUGE and can take all you need for your endurance racing. You know like a few gallons of water, a BBQ pit, a shower and bags of your turkey jerky.

    This bag is what they say, “voluminous.”

  3. Can someone grab a tape measure and give some rough dimensions please? Are there many pockets to organize myself? Thanks…..

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