Hydrathon Review

Editorial-RL Policar: We had requested the help of Mark “The Polish Hammer” Tomas to test out the Hydrathon for us. Read his review below.

The Hydrathon is a hydration pack made out of High-Density Nylon, that sports Two, 1-liter bladders, with individual tubes that have finger shut-off valves. The tubes can be routed up to the bars for easy access.
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Initial thoughts.

The Hydrathon is easy on the eyes, well styled, with nice color combos. It has plenty of room for your keys, phone, tools/tubes, in the zippered side compartments. Its even has an elastic-cord jacket holder, in case you have to store a layer. Also for the guys that like to ride in the dark, it features reflective piping for visibility. All this for a price of only $65.

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On the Trail.
With the Hyrdthon mounted on the top tube of my ride, I hit the local trails to put it to the test. I had filled both bladders half way. With one of the tubes ran to the bars, and the other,
on top of the bag. It was a good feeling having the weight of the water low on the center of the bike. The bite valves were easy to access and worked great. the bag stayed put, and didn’t bounce around. One thing I did notice, with every pedal stroke, my legs were rubbing the sides where the bladders are located. This might not be as bad if it was mounted on a bike with a larger front triangle, such as a hardtail or road bike. Also the Velcro strap up front started to come apart.
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On the Back.

The Hyrathon it unique in many ways. Not only does it have two bladders for storing two different liquids. But you can also wear it on your back as you would a normal hydration pack. Just unzip the pocket on the inside and the shoulder straps pull out and attach to the lowers that are tucked away in the bottom mesh pockets. With it strapped to my back I hit some steep fire road, the pack proved comfy, even though it was a bit more bulky that my normal pack is. When the trail turned down, the pack didn’t move around, thanks to the chest, and waist straps. one thing I didn’t like, the Velcro on the inside can hang up on you jersey, this would be an easy fix with a folding cover sewn next to it, to protect your clothes.
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hyrathon 010
Final thoughts.

The Hydrathon is a good Idea. And priced right, at half the price of other frame bags. But does need a few refinements to make it something the masses would eat up.
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