Good Luck to the Downhill Crew

This weekend is the Rock Shox Golden State Downhill Race in Woodward West. Our DH crew (minus me) will be out there in full force ready to tear it up.
Joe Sizzzle

Kim “Champ” Finch

Tony “Wizard” Finch

Last but not least, the Angel of Death himself…THE MOE!

They’ll be showing off the new Team Jerseys at Woodward, so if you plan on racing or spectating, just look out for the MtnBikeRiders can’t miss them.

6 Replies to “Good Luck to the Downhill Crew”

  1. Thanks! We want to knowledge our new sponsors: Serfas Optics, KHS Bicycles and Icetoolz, racing is more fun with their support!

  2. Thanks Boss, We’ll make you PROUD!!! Thanks to our new sponsor Serfas Opitics..I love my new glass..they ROCK!!!! Thanks for the support to all of our sponsors!

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