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One of my good friends, Loren Brewster used to be a BMX race back in his prime. He used to race at the Orange Y track in Orange, Ca. He was pretty decent and even made it up to the Nationals. Since I knew he used to ride BMX I figured he’d know how to handle the 4X track in Fontana, Ca. So I asked Loren if he’d be interested in riding the track to see if he still has it going on.

On Saturday morning, we drove to Fontucky, suited up and since I didn’t know how to really ride 4x, I followed Loren and mimic his moves. What was cool about our experience, I was able to see Loren become more and more comfortable on his bike…until it had problems.

There was a table top that was at least 10 feet long and I wanted to practice jumping over it. I ended up clearing it the first time, and then the second time I cased it on the transition. No harm done, I still felt good because I didn’t have to roll through it.

I saw that Loren wanted to try jumping, but since his bike was out of commission, I lent him the KHS XCT 555. He must have done 7 runs in a row and each time he got on the bike, he was going faster and faster! Here’s what he was able to do…

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